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One of my sissy girls , has been submitting herself to me for many years , she’s a very naughty girl , who enjoys sucking … sucking my strapons , sucking a real dick is her ultimate prize. She’s a greedy girl , never spilling a drop

we had a rather wonderful naughty session, and she had purchased a new chastity device which after fully using her , she presented to me , unopened .

unopened meant the keys and locks were in there , she hadn’t even opened it up to see the contents!

Now this to me means No Escape , until I decide she can be unleashed .

she was fully drained which meant slipping over the device of her now floppy meat was simple and without duress , Clipping the ring around her pubis and balls with a simple click , the look of nervous excitement in her eyes , she almost couldn’t believe it .

then before she knew it , I had pushed the cold sheath over and secured it with a click of a padlock 🔐, she was secured !
and I had the keys , all of them , I smiled and said now then I’ll slip this key right in between my breast’s for now for safe keeping , she changed back into her vanilla clothes , giggled and left .

Im not too sure when I shall release her.

Mistress even took the keys on holiday so at least 10 days shall pass without release .

I can imagine her , squirming and wanting to touch her caged clitty , teasing her self , but alas there shall be no release from her tortured clitty , until Mistress says so !
let’s hope they’re not misplaced .