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There seems to be a whole host of different boxes for the electro play enthusiasts.
I currently have an Erostek , and an PES system .
The devices I haves are specifically for sexual play only and not like the tens which are for pain reduction .

Safety :
I would never consider use any electro atom above the waist as this can cause a whole host of problems with in your body .
Never use electro stim above the waist ever – your life may depend on the sensibility of the Mistress – remember Safe sane consensual .
It goes without saying for me , your safety within my cate is absolutely paramount .

I not only wish you to enjoy our play and my company and skills but also being able to feel that you can hand over your trust to a skilled and caring Domina.

Personally , I believe the cock balls and anus is the most appropriate and ultra sensitive type of play .
Varying degrees of sensations from erotic to intense , yes it is possible to orgasm through electro stim . But again this depends on the Submissive and they’re anatomical highs .

I also recommend electro play for those who cannot be marked whilst in a scene .
I can assure you , after our electrifying session you will walk away happy and completely unmarked .

So with that I’ll leave you to decide where f this kind of play lights your fuse !