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It’s as easy as 123 , either call , email or message me , my telephone number and email adresss are easily accessible, I do take same day appointments but please do call early morning for greater availability. My dungeon is easily accessible via M1 – M69 A50 and is within 10 minutes a drive.There..

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Are you ready ? ladies and gents this is the moment you’ve been waiting for ! April 12th Finally we can come together ! are you ready to play ? let go of all you’re inhibitions? That journey that needs to proceed , that unequivocal burning desire flowing through your loins ? the need, the..

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Abrasion play: The use of something abrasive like sandpaper or a wire brush to stimulate sexual pleasure. Can leave marks and even draw blood in some cases. Adult baby (see Age Play, Diaper Lover): Role play where one (or more) participant takes on the part of an infant or toddler. Aftercare: An important element of..

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