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For all of you who enjoy cross dressing I offer safe sanctuary to be able to dress and be yourself without judgement , just dressing or sessioning … escape the world and be you if only for a short while .

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Just to let you all know I’m sessioning up to 3pm on Christmas Eve . Then 27th onwards . New Year’s Eve til 3 then back to normal 2 nd what f jan 2023 onwards

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What is a Dominatrix , what is dominatrix porn , I am a Dominatrix , based in the U.K. , namely leicester which is based within the East Midlands. dominatrix noun noun: dominatrix; plural noun: dominatrices; plural noun: dominatrixes a dominating woman, especially one who takes the sadistic role in sadomasochistic sexual activities. Learn more..

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So a double dom session ? well they are so much fun , Whether you choose sensual or strict or a mixture of both , Good  cop -bad cop , they  can be tailored to your deepest darkest desires . double sessions are available Monday to Friday from 6.15pm onwards or weekends at any time..

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